Brand Identity
Illustration/Pattern Design
Print Content
Inspired by comforting, warm cups of coffee on Sunday mornings in El Salvador, “Cafecito El Amanecer,” brings tropical comfort of local, ethically sourced, quality coffee to households across the globe. ​​​​​The name of the brand is “ Cafecito El Amanecer” (ah-mah-neh-ser). Amanecer translates to “dawn/rise” in Spanish and “cafecito” is a term of endearment for coffee and is often used by Latinx communities everywhere.
The brand focuses specifically on Salvadoran coffee and the special variations that grow in specific areas and departments. The logo is simple, comforting, inviting, and can be used alongside the coffee plant illustration which makes it more playful. Using bright colours and regional animal illustrations, the packaging pays homage to elements of the rainforest's flora and fauna and is meant to waken the consumer visually alongside the coffee.
Programs used: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Procreate.
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