My name is Jocelyn Sanchez and I am a graphic designer based in Vancouver, Canada. I work under the moniker ‘creamy skeletons’ as it is a combination of words that describes my work as bold, sweet, and memorable. I provide high-quality design and effective communication by focusing on client-centered solutions. I specialize in brand identity, social media, and print. 
I graduated from Simon Fraser University in 2015 with a BFA in Visual Arts and a minor in Film History. I followed this up in 2016 with an M.A in Animation from the University of South Wales in the U.K. I recently decided to tie all my passions together from my art practice to animation with BCIT’s Graphics Design program (2022). I present a skill set of design foundations that include: an eye for typography, layout, composition, and colour theory. 
In my own time, I am an art educator for kids and work on my own spooky artwork. For the past few years, I have worked as a part-time freelancer with a variety of clients including bands, companies and other artists. I also like to play and make games and enjoy participating in the yearly Global Game Jam. 

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